30+ years of software development

- backend design
- custom programming
- complex database systems behind websites
- manage and enhance past legacy custom systems created by others
- creating client/content managed style systems (CMS)

- Develop custom client owned complex software applications that involve database design / application development / with a user interface.

- Your business needs or practices analyzed - custom solutions designed and developed for your company resulting in efficient time/labor saving Web based Database-with-Application systems and solutions.

- Primary platform - ... PHP/JavaScript/MySQL under Unix/Linux flavored OS and also ASP systems. Simple to complex database application systems created that dynamically generate your data related web side pages real-time in a CMS Content Management style for client controlled projects.

  info@PenningtonTechnicalArts.com     phone: 830 230-5115    Boerne, Texas  

Jay Pennington

Experience in: PHP, ASP, JavaScript, MySql, XML..ASP.NET plus older platforms such as  Visual Fox Pro(VFP), Access coding, VB, COBOL, Fortran, C, Clipper, VM/CMS, various Unix platforms, CICS, plus others. Sampling of past clients or employers: NASA/Lockheed, The Scout System, Southwest Research Institute, EG&G Automotive Research, Valero, Lockheed, Martin-Marietta, Western Electric/Bell Labs, Mason Claims, US Global, Max Lucado, Equimeter / Invensys, Diamond Shamrock

Jay Pennington                                                                                                                                                           Home: (830) 230-5115
304 Horseshoe Bend                                                                                                                                                   Mobile: (210) 475-2722
Boerne, TX  78006                                                                                                                           Email: Info@PenningtonTechnicalArts.com


Consulting to custom software & database development built for the client’s specific needs. Experience spans numerous platforms, languages, and environments within business, insurance, aerospace, science, oil, and government in developing database applications for the web, stand alone, and legacy systems.


Primary Skills (10 years)
Unix / Linux / Apache
Legacy Skills (10 years)
DB2, Mainframe
Clipper, Visual Fox Pro
Other Skills – fewer yrs
Yahoo Pipes / RSS

Note: Recently a world-wide company who is developing graphic simulators for business liability studies and for the film/entertainment  industry asked me to document  my experience in research, development, and also the film industry  – below was my response of  what I have done and what I can do – this discussion below is a better representation of my experience than the standard resume flow.. 

My own company for about 15+ years is titled Pennington Technical Arts because of my science and business software database development integrating with my visual related developments of imagery analysis, simulators, even film acting, film study, and the Fine Arts and its technologies.   

BS in Math, Computer Science, and Systems Design - minoring in film study / arts & humanities     I also took film study classes in high school 

While getting my degree I co/op worked at Southwest Research Institute developing database systems for Div 17 - Nuclear Power Research Development dept.  Also during college participated in a NSF grant research project developing early robotic software and later graduated as a member of the Honors Society. 

After graduation I took a job with Western Electric/Bell Labs doing database development.  I later moved back to San Antonio to continue database work at Southwest Research. 

My goal was to work at NASA so a few years later I began working aerospace development at Martin Marietta.   At Martin they had a brand new piece of hardware/CPU that they didn't know its full capability.  They asked me to create a simulator of the screens of the MX missile control panel on that new hardware/OS which I did - receiving great reviews. 

Later I was able to work at NASA (JSC branch).  I worked in NASA buildings 17 and 31 (moon rock bldg) in Clear Lake/Houston as a contractor through a Lockheed contract.  I worked there at NASA about 5 years.  I initially started in the group development project in bldg 17 of writing software to analyze satellite imagery over Russia to determine what was in the imagery.  I also worked on database development related to future Space Station experiments.  Later on developing software analysis programming of astronaut exercise equipment/results while in space.  In building 31 I worked with quite a few scientists and wrote database applications to help them with their research.  I also wrote database applications for the division in bldg 31 that mapped and cataloged all imagery taken of the Earth from hand held medium format cameras by the astronauts on shuttle missions.  After the Challenger accident I was chosen to be on the Investigation Team (Secret Clearance) and I worked with image analysis of the media taken of the launch plus also development of database applications for cataloging and managing all the media sent in related to the accident by government and civilians. 

I then returned to San Antonio to accept a outstanding offer by two past IT friends who had started their own company in San Antonio.  That led to a number of years writing software on a contract basis through a contract house for various clients in science, business, oil, oil additives, energy, and government.  During that time I developed my serious interest in darkroom image manipulation and image manipulation through the computer combined with Contemporary Art and Performance Art.  I was also experimenting with writing software to drive devices that controlled other devices which could drive audio, film and slide projectors, lights, etc through MIDI commands for art/music/performance pieces.  A friend was a Jazz musician/composer who went from say Sax to MIDI and electronic EWI recordings so we had art house performances of our generated art / music driven both directions via MIDI language.  I also was involved in experimental theater with my computer driven projected art and sound on the stage and even onto the actors.   I was also learning to act as producer for events of fellow artists in the San Antonio Contemporary Galleries and Theatres...and served on local government Arts committees. 

For about the last 10 years I have been developing complex database applications for many different types of subject arenas (often behind websites).  My most efficient platform has been LAMP - PHP/MySQL/JavaScript/Linux although I have written in many different languages, DBMS's, platforms, OS's through the years. 

Some recent projects:

A large complex web based database system I designed/created www.scoutsystem.com for the sports scouting industry in tracking high school players, scout & coach evals, game videos, rankings, etc for use by universities across the US written in PHP/MySQL.  Upon approval by the NCAA in March 2014 some aspects will be available to the public with the bulk of the tools under subscription access with universities and high schools across the US.

Currently developing a completely database driven with self written Content Management System website for dynamically creating an historic, tourist, commercial site for Kendall County – www.kendallcountyhistory.com

Web application for an IP-POE access control system using PHP on a Windows IIS server with SQL Server.   

Web application for a mineral rights management company using ASP.NET, Visual Studio 2010, and SQL Server.    

Research into engineering programming of chipsets for the controlling of devices using C and chipset based compiler / IDE.

Proactively worked with an insurance catastrophe based assistance company that was primarily driven by paper and faxes. I developed an Internet based claims system, employee monitoring system, deployment system, telephony based reporting system, call center applications, and reports system that has helped it become a multi-million dollar company that serves the North American continent and the Hawaiian Islands.   PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML under Unix/Linux platforms also communications programming with FTP and XML. 

For the last 5 years I have also been pursuing my journey in film acting and producing which is also an interesting tie to your project.  An acting career is a job like any other that you have to train for, build your resume to advance, constantly learn and study the art and business side.  I have an established resume, IMDB page, and top agent.  There are a number of big budget films to be made in Texas in 2014 along with national television programs that my agent feels will have roles that fit me well.  

I have also worked the last 10 years on a humanitarian level of developing hi-tech web based pet rescue efforts that have gotten many lost pets back home, adoptable pets homes, and reduced the number of pet deaths at pounds.